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Currently I offer both private and corporate coaching sessions. They can be held in French, English, Spanish and Danish

The word "coaching" has never been used as much as nowadays. Yet there is still some confusion about the exact role of a coach. 

Many believe that a coach will provide advice to the client and share his or her experience to best help the client.

However, this is rarely the case. Instead, he or she will work with the person to unleash their potential and refer them back to a principle of action. The fact that the person is "empowered" will greatly increase his or her satisfaction at the end of the coaching process.

In a simplified way, we could say that the coach is like a sports coach while a therapist is like a doctor specialized in sports medicine. The coach assumes that the athlete is essentially healthy in his or her body and focuses on improving his or her physical fitness and performance. However, the coach will refer the athlete to a doctor if there is reason to believe that he or she has an injury.


What is important is that a coach does not diagnose and offer treatment. Through observations, the coach can make a statement on the client's needs and if the need for assistance exceeds the coach's qualifications he or she will refer the client to a mental health professional.


When issues raised by an individual (client) are not within the scope of the coach's services, it is the ethics of a coach to help them identify and access other resources.

ICF (International Coaching Federation), as a reference, has underlined this responsibility in its Code of Ethics. It is in this sense that I adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics, which respects the fundamental values of ethics, confidentiality, respect for privacy, conflicts of interest and continuous development.

Corporate coaching is a form of support that aims to reveal the best resources of the employee in order to make the best use of them. These include performance coaching, support, transformation, etc. These coaching sessions are carried out individually or collectively in a company.


My various managerial positions (mainly in Finance, Product Marketing and Brand Protection) in various multinationals have enabled me to acquire extensive experience in the corporate world for more than 20 years. This allows me to quickly understand the issues related to the company (hierarchical conflicts, burnout, professional reorientation, harassment,...). Depending on the person's situation and emotional state, I use both coaching and Brief Therapy tools to identify effective and long-term solutions. In the same vein, I provide therapeutic support sessions to employees who are in personal difficulty and for whom the company is willing to offer sessions through me (in complete confidentiality).

​Consultations are made only by appointment, by phone at 32 (0) 476 63 15 98 or by email (

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