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Never say never...

The career move: What if I finally listened... to myself

A career move? No..

Competition is rough. There are three mouths to feed. Everybody is having a hard time getting up in the morning. The risk is far too big. It’s not responsible. I’m too old to take that risk. There's a house to pay. It's a dream but it’s simply too late to make it come true.


And yes, maybe the answer is “yes” to all of these thoughts.

But when doubt sets in and the dream of making a major life change suddenly seems less unattainable "somewhere, somehow", then it is a thought worth sharing.

For often, the fear of examining the feasibility of a project is what makes it remain nothing else but a thought.

And yet, in some cases, it is better to make a bad decision than none at all.

And so the doubt remains, which doesn’t bring the serenity we’re searching for. The dream remains while the thoughts stay incomplete.

It is in that sense that my intervention will be to explore the feasibility and viability of a project, the level of energy that person has – or doesn’t have - to make it happen. But more especially, the skills, strengths, financial and logistical context as well as the person’s resources.


If the outcome is the project’s non-feasibility, then it will at least bring some serenity as the doubts will disappear through the clarifications given during the sessions.

If the outcome of the analytical work is positive, then it will be a question of doing everything that’s possible to prepare this new adventure under the most optimal conditions.

I invite you to contact me for an appointment.

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