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Believe in your resources
Believe in your resources

I am fascinated by the way in which every human being can, in the most stressful and painful moments of their life, overcome a difficult situation.

To overcome challenges thanks to their family, their friends and colleagues. But also, and above all, thanks to an infinite amount of resources, which they do not realize that they are born with.

After working for more than 20 years in various executive positions across the globe (in multinational corporations like Skytel, Apple and Cisco) I decided to focus on what matters most to me: Human relationships.

Since I was 20 years old, my passion for various therapeutic approaches and their constant evolution never subsided. For my part, I strongly believe in the effectiveness of more pragmatic interventions, concentrating all efforts on the "how" and leaving less room for the "why" without, however, denying the root of the problem. The main analysis will essentially be how the problem persists in the present, how the outcomes are blocked and how we can start to unravel the wires. I am convinced that it is not because the root of the problem raised could be discovered that a change will necessarily take place.

It is in this sense that I trained in Systemic and Strategic Therapy (at the Gregory Bateson Institute), driven by my greatest desire to effectively help my patients/clients through this fantastic therapeutic approach on which the Palo Alto model is based.

My previous professional experiences and my initial training (a Master's degree at the ICHEC Brussels Management School) have allowed me to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the business world and how it works.

This greatly enhances the understanding of the professional difficulties (hierarchical conflicts, burnout, professional reorientation, harassment, etc.) experienced and brought by the employee. With that in mind, I also trained in Coaching (at the International Coaching Federation) with the aim of providing concrete support to any worker confronted with this type of theme, which is unfortunately becoming increasingly widespread nowadays.

Learn more about my approach and my "dual role" as a Therapist and Coach.

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