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Mental Surefficient? Gifted? High potential? Zebra?

It is difficult to use the correct word – should there be any - when so many different terms are used in literature, at school, by parents, psychologists, etc.

What matters is not the terminology itself, it is more the difficulties that may be caused by this way of thinking and absorbing emotions to the umpteenth power.

Difficulties are sometimes misunderstood because they are often ironically associated with certain advantages (easy scholarship, maturity, intelligence, etc.) without seeing things from another perspective or angle.

The "Gifted", "HP", "Zebras" and “Mental over efficient”, whether they be children, teenagers or adults, aren’t necessarily distinguished by their "intelligence" but rather by their different way of thinking and perhaps even their emotional behaviour.

It is important to understand the consequences of putting a “label” at all costs on the differences of one's child or of oneself. There is also no need to rush to use "HP" tests – at least not before certain elements have been taken into consideration.

If we learn that we’re someone who functions with a tree-structured way of thinking (for example), it is often a relief after years spent wondering about our intellectual functioning, amongst others.

However, once this relief has passed, several questions remain.

Especially a key and central question: How do we deal with all of this?


It is in this context that I invite you to contact me to assist you with these thoughts and the implementation of concrete actions.

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