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When your mind keeps on invading you...

Whether someone suffers from obsessive thinking or is affected at a certain moment of their life by a loop of thoughts, this can be worked on.

Brief therapy has very effective tools to try to reduce these often very energy-consuming thoughts.

It works like a muscle that must be re-trained.

This does not mean that the chain of thoughts will vanish, but with appropriate tasks we will practice doing some "sorting/filtering" amongst them.

It’s for this reason that I will establish:

a) An "inventory" based on the results brought to me by the patient following the tasks performed between our sessions (so as to stay "in therapy" during everyday life).

b) An adequate plan of action, once the situation is better understood thanks to the “inventory”, in order to provide the patient with the best relief and in a sustainable manner. 

I invite you to contact me for an appointment.


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